USA dans tous ses états : New Hampshire

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(EN) 🇺🇸 This is a good time to be in New Hampshire, during the fall the leaves of the

White mountains National Forest are turning into amazing colors. This attracts thousands of people on the road. It has even become a national hobby for the photographers who want to keep great colors on their pictures or even selling them for next year’s calendar. And as every trend has a name in the US, this hobby is called « Leaf-peeping ». As it happens to be here at this time it will be hard to avoid this activity.. as there are trees, everywhere in here !

(FR) 🇫🇷 La traversée des White Mountains en plein Automne est un festival de couleurs ephemeres.

(ES) 🇪🇸 Viajando en los colores de New Hampshire, en otono, por las Montanas de White Mountains National Forest.

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