Expemundo : a look at the Map

Versions : français (FR) – english(EN) – español (ES)

(EN) Time to zoom the map out to see the planet entirely. Time to share to the maximum our passion for the Planet, the People who live on it and Happiness. Cause this is what all is about ! The rest is just a list of anecdotes and decisions that you see only when you are zooming in again on the map. From this point of view, there are no borders, no crazy weather, no bad things. From here, Earth looks like an amazing and beautiful playground to go through. And we are all part of it. Enjoy your journey!

ExpeMundo 2017 : 42 countries explored by motorbike in total immersion over 3 continents…well from there this is just a bunch of pins on the map !


(FR) Il est temps de sortir la tête du guidon et dézoomer la carte, de partager au maximum ce projet, cette envie, cette passion pour la planète, les gens qui vivent dessus, et un peu plus de bonheur ! Car en dézoomant la carte, il ne reste que ça. Avec cet angle, on voit toute la Terre, pas de frontière, pas de mauvais climat ou de contrariété. La Terre ressemble juste à un superbe terrain de jeu à arpenter. Bonne route !


(ES)Desde este punto de vista no hay fronteras, malos climas o cosas que te paren. Ahora es tiempo de ver el planeta y nuestro camino desde este punto de vista. Pura planeta, gente y felicidad no más ! Es tiempo de compartirlo. El planeta es un inmenso terreno de juegos. Buenas rutas.

The Honda 110cc stayed in Lao to continue the road with 2 other travellers (from South of France also, and we wish them the best trip!). Time to discover Myanmar. 

La Honda est restée au Laos pour continuer sa route avec deux autres voyageurs (anecdote : ils sont du Sud de la France et nous leurs souhaitons un beau voyage!). Il est temps de découvrir le Myanmar.

Viêt Nam : 2 wheels rules

The Honda Win, made for winners !

« 2 people on this motorbike!? With the backpack?! » We’ve heard so many times and that is part of the game. Everyone has his style of traveling, and definitely motorbike is a great way to travel north of Vietnam. The roads invite you to a great journey, you can stop anytime to a place you like, and you can go off the beaten track. Here are a few things to know before starting :

First, get rid of the unnecessary. From the extreme temperatures of India to now in here, we could remove 6kg of luggage and send them back home. Then as we did in India, we transformed our 2 backpacks into one of 12 kg, and lied it down on a rack welded at the first day of the journey. If you still need something here, you can find it at any city.

Second, do like the locals. We may dedicate a post to this topic later on. The Vietnamese use their motorbikes for everything. Transporting bags of cement, food, a living pig, a box of chickens, iron bars lying on the road, 3 people… Many backpackers met on the road travel together on the same bike. But remember the road is dangerous and you can’t hit the road without the next steps.

Third, maintain your bolide. Garage maintenance is cheap, quick, easy to find. Oil change every 500km, daily chain lube and tension, daily brake and engine checks. This will make your journey safer.

Fourth, ride safe ride slow. The traffic can be hard, especially overtaking and trucks using the full width of the road. Moreover the views can make you stop at any time. So take it easy, shorten the daily distance and enjoy your journey.

Fifth, well no fifth, as there are only 4 gears on Vietnamese motorbikes 🙂