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(EN) 🇺🇸 An article in the Arkansas newspaper from David Kendrick, my former US roommate. We always remember our first experiences. At the time this article was published, we already had crossed Mexico Guatemala and Canada with the help of the people met on, and then when we got back home we hosted hundreds of people in our apartment in Toulouse.

For Dave our friend and writer of this article, it was his first time. It was for Labour Day, Dave proposed to travel together to Memphis. I said yes and proposed to use couchsurfing. Dave said yes, we looked through the site and got an answer. Johnathan, an amazing local from Tennessee, said yes and allowed us to stay in his house for the weekend. With so many yes and enthusiasm, the weekend was about to be legendary. And that’s it. That’s the story of this article, published in September 2010. When we got back to Arkansas, Dave agreed to host some couchsurfers in return.. but who wanted to go through Arkansas ? Well surprisingly, almost 100 guests came in a year ! A hitch-hiker, a bicycle enthusiast, a Corvette tourer, a movie team, a Dive Bar fan, a pool player, a music band, another music band, an Argentinan world tourer, etc… and so many memories. Thanks Dave for having opened your door to travelers for a year and your heart, I miss you, take care and enjoy where you are 😉

(FR) 🇫🇷 Un article publié dans le journal de l’Arkansas par Dave, ami et ancien coloc d’Arkansas, sur sa decouverte du Couchsurfing. Quand il a accepté de se lancer dans l’aventure, nous ne savions pas encore qu’une centaine de voyageurs allaient ouvrir la porte de notre maison en coloc dans l’Arkansas.

(ES) 🇪🇸 Un articulo publicado en el periodico de Arkansas, escrito por Dave my companero de departamento, para compartir su descubierta de Couchsurfing con nosotros. .

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