USA dans tous ses états : Utah (Bryce Canyon)

Versions : EN english – FR français – ES español

(EN) 🇺🇸 First comes the road. No matter the rain and the storms around, it is even better, the Red Canyon is still red. We missed Utah, and now here we are.

Then Bryce Canyon, at sunset, almost alone, everybody’s gone due to the storm and now a rainbow is coming. Beautiful time together.

After such a great time, we don’t go far away, staying as close as possible to the park, sleeping off-road. Waking up with ice on the windshield, and ready for breakfast inside the Canyon.

Surprise, the ice has remained and there is snow in the canyon ! Oh yes Utah we missed you, since Zion in November, ready for the mighty national parks !

(FR) 🇫🇷 A la découverte de Bryce Canyon, dans les orages et la neige.

(ES) 🇪🇸 Vamos descubriendo el Bryce Canyon en Utah, con hielo y nieve, y con buenas rutas !

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