Survival Guide on Indian Roads

Versions : English

(EN) After a 3000km roadtrip over the Himalayan Range, it is like we started to learn again how to ride and behave on the road, facing new situations all the time. Basically, as said in the last posts : common sense, awareness, good health are the keys to survive and enjoy your road trip in India. Here are some advice we got from the locals, travelers, and some other we got by experience :

  • Learn about your bike : stop at a garage for a check, speak with the travelers to exchange experience, you then know more about the Enfields

No hurry no worry : be slow in India. We got an average of 30km per hour speed.

Stay on your left : a first vehicle can overtake you, and another one overtaking the first one, while another vehicle comes on the other side.

  • Use your front-rear brake balance in proportion of your load. We mostly use with the front brake in Europe, here we are two on the bike + petrol barrel + backpacks. Don’t hesitate to apprehend your weight and use more your rear brake.
  • Be prepared to change your style of riding : you can pass from a clean asphalt road to a bumpy track in a glimpse, or get to ride on the sand or cross a torrent. Keep some power on your right hand, lower a gear, and adapt your trajectory.
  • Expect the unexpected : your eyes, your nose, your hand, your ears have never been so useful all together when in survival or dangerous situations.

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