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(EN) 🇬🇧 The cold weather, the comfort, the routine since we came back home after a one-year world Tour, the sedentary lifestyle…No excuses ! All of this does not exist. The trip is done but the travel continues ! The moto-therapy is just starting and connecting us to this nomad lifestyle, even without leaving home ! Here is what we have in the agenda :

1/ Assistance to international motorbike travelers : They travel the World with their house on two wheels. When they come around our area, they know they have a place to stay. And then they continue to England, Italy or down to Spain. Like a couchsurfing for world riders ! This is the aim of the social group International Assistance to Motorcycle travelers. By having met the creators personally, this is an honor for us to participate in such a cause, connecting the World and the people with the same goals and passions. This is the link :

Recently, we and our family hosted another traveler, Paco traveling the world on his Trumph Tiger, heading Andorra. After 10 minutes talking we realized that we had friends in common from Mexico, Nicaragua and Argentina. That’s it !

2/ Travel interviews and experience sharing. This is just starting also ! First interview has been done…at work ! Inspiring people, sharing the experience of the world, with everyone interested, is just amazing !

3/ And of course keep on riding ! (ES) 🇪🇸 Aunque hemos regresado de nuestro viaje de un año, seguimos viajando ! Como es posible ? Aquí es el secreto :

1/ Asistencia a los moto viajeros. Aquí es el link del grupo que apoyamos

Los motoviajeros que quieren ir por Francia hasta Italia Inglaterra o España saben que tienen una casa en el camino, por el sur de Francia. Así que les alojamos y probamos darles asistencia. Cada vez compartemos historias increíbles con esa gente libre e independiente. Recién Paco vino a casa, en camino para Andorra, y nos dimos cuenta que teníamos un montón de amigos en común en Argentina a México y Nicaragua !

2/ Entrevistas y reportajes de viaje. Para compartir la experiencia y las inspiraciones.

3/ seguir andando en moto, por supuesto !

(FR) 🇫🇷 bientôt.

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